Wacky Face Masks-Adapted Art Lesson

Each week I work with two small groups of students that come to me from our schools autism center. I have two different groups-one includes students from kindergarten to second grade aged, and the other is third through sixth grade aged. These students have a wide variety of abilities, and I have to design lessons that can be adapted to any skill level, from completely hand over hand to completely independent. Since we were already working with cut paper masks this week, we did some mask-making with each of these classes. My student teacher created a bunch of simple paper mask bases in a  variety of colors. We supplied construction paper strips of varied sizes and colors, and we demonstrated some simple paper sculpture techniques such as loop, roll, pleat, and fringe. Students then used these techniques to create wacky paper faces. Here are some of the masks from the younger group.IMG_5795 IMG_5796 IMG_5797 IMG_5798 IMG_5799Younger students are focusing more on just watching and following step-by-step instructions, but choosing their own materials and colors. Students in the older class break out more and are working more independently. We are still focusing on following directions and motor skills, but these students come up with their own ways of doing things and are able to create more individual artworks.IMG_5801 IMG_5804Here is the mask created by the IA and student who were working entirely hand-over-hand. I think we are seeing the IAs creativity more than the student, since this student has limited verbal and fine motor skills, but it is still a very wacky face. IMG_5803 And just for good measure, here is April’s teacher example. For some reason it reminds me of the HamburglarIMG_5805

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