Advocacy: Hallway Displays

Here are a few of the hallway art displays from this year.

Second graders created oil pastel watercolor resist paintings of community animals using expressive colors. These artworks were displayed outside the school cafeteria where they can be seen by all students as they wait in line for lunch.

2nd grade community animals hallway


We have two display cases in the main lobby of our school. Different grade levels or departments sign out the display cases for one month at a time. One month a year I sign out both of the display cases for the art department. The first photo shows how our fourth grade students create art that expresses movement. First we created our gesture drawing series, then we create sculptures of figures in motion using aluminum wire and Twisteez.4th grade figures display case

In the second display case I showed sixth grade students paper maquette sculptures for their Accomplishment Monuments. Each student designed a monument to a personal accomplishment. After writing and sketching to plan their monument design, students created paper models showing the scale of their monument. I included xerox copies of the writing and sketches of their sculpture plan from multiple points of view to help viewers understand the planning process my students participate in each time they create an artwork in my class.6th grade accomplishment monuments display case
Here is a close up of one of our hallway displays of landscape paintings. Sixth graders created landscape paintings that represented a place that was special and personally meaningful to them. Some students chose to paint expressive landscapes using color to show how they felt about their location. Other students chose to illustrate imaginative landscapes-places they escape to in their imaginations. As you can see from both of the sixth grade display photos, student interpretations of the assignments we give are unique and personally meaningful. The paper maquettes and landscape paintings below  show different solutions to the same challenges.6th grade landscape paintings hallway

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