Busiest Week Ever- Part 1

This week was the busiest week ever at school. Possibly the busiest week I have experienced as a teacher so far. The grand finale for the week was a guest visit by Chris Cooley, TE for the Washington Redskins. A generous parent won a school visit from Mr. Cooley during a charity auction, and he was invited to visit our school on Friday. Our principal knew he is also an artist, and we had heard about his recent art auction to benefit education through the Chris Cooley Education fund, and we both thought it would be a great experience to give students the chance to see him working on the wheel. I arranged to borrow a potter’s wheel from a nearby middle school, and we cleared a large space in the art room to make room for three classes to come in to watch him work and answer questions after the all school assembly.

I have to say – this was one of the greatest moments in my teaching experience so far. It was so exciting to see my students’ faces light up while they watched him work, and I know that some of my students that have considered themselves athletes only in the past will think about art in a different way. I am lucky to have had this opportunity in my classroom and I thank Mr. Cooley for visiting and especially our generous parent for the most memorable donation!

You can find out more about Chris Cooley’s Education Fund as well as view more videos and interview of him making art at the Chris Cooley Zone here: http://chriscooley47.blogspot.com/.

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