Blog Blogged and Conference Review Part One

Just had my second ever person blog about my blog. It’s like Googling Google.  It’s very exciting knowing that there are other people out there in the world, reading what I have to say and caring about my work and my students’ work. Check out the post on The Art Classroom here.

In other news, I just returned from the Virginia Art Education Association conference in Richmond this weekend. I attended Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and I definitely had my favorites. I will continue to review my top three this week. Here is the first:

Thursday 2:00-2:50pm- SMART about Art- by Casey Clark

I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation- this presenter reviewed interactive websites that are useful for elementary art teachers for use with the SMARTboard or interactive whiteboard. She reviewed sites that she had used in her class- some of these I have already found and used in the past, others were new to me and looked like a ton of fun. I especially appreciated Ms. Clark’s suggestion to use the SMARTboard for more than just introducing lessons or presenting new information. I frequently use my board to demonstrate worksheets or using ArtRage to present painting and drawing lessons, but I rarely use the SMARTboard for short reviews or mini lessons, nor had I ever tried to incorporate SMARTboard activities for closure at the end of class, and I would love to have interactive sites ready for student use at the end of class. Using the SMARTboard for introductions seems to really get students engaged at the beginning of a lesson, and it would be great to send students away with that same energy- perhaps with the link to an art website that they could use at home or during free computer lab time with their classroom teachers. Here are a few of my favorite links that she showed us:

The Artist’s Toolkit from Artsconnected– great for mini-lessons to introduce or review art concepts.

NGAKids JUNGLE Interactive This is just one of the many awesome interactive sites at the NGAKids website.

More conference reviews to come- just have to make it to the Thanksgiving Break and past Turkey Day.

2 thoughts on “Blog Blogged and Conference Review Part One

  1. Awesome on your mention! …and I’m loving the smart board tips! I’ll check them out further. I couldn’t make it to that workshop so I’m glad for the info!

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