Lesson Inspiration: Natural Objects Abstraction

Here is a photo of one of my student’s sketches working with enlarging and abstracting an image. This lesson is usually focused around Georgia O’Keefe- I think nearly every elementary art teacher uses a lesson similar to this at least once a year- This year I am using it for my fundraiser project. To make the lesson more interesting, I throw and handful of carnivorous plant photos in with the rest of the flowers, to make the assignment more interesting for my students- the carnivorous plant images are usually highly coveted and frequently lead to some of the most interesting drawings. This student zoomed into the mouth of a venus flytrap- we all decided that the enlarged drawing resembled something from the Aliens movies, minus the secreted resin. I thought the one in the lower righthand corner looked like some sort of dinosaur bones.
Fun stuff- this drawing was by one of my students who sometimes has difficulty focusing in art class- today he really shined.

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