What I Should Be Doing Today

It is that time again, only a few more weeks until report cards go out, and I have three classes worth of prints  to sort through and grade.
I was out yesterday with a migraine, and a bout of exhaustion from waking up umtimillion times with my son who has forgotten how to sleep through the night, and I emailed great sub plans to our secretary, who definitely printed them out and gave them to the substitute- as I found them with the note from the sub on my desk this morning.
However, instead of following the sub plans, which clearly said they should be adapted to any grade level- she chose to flip through my day planner, read the two word description of what I originally intended for my classes, and teach that instead, without any instructions or prior info about the class.
So, when I came to work and read the note, obviously I was miffed, and extra so when I saw the ridiculously huge pile of prints that had been lefft by the students both on my desk and on the drying rack. Nothing was labeled, nothing sorted out- two days worth of printmaking scrambled together, and who knows what the sub told them to do, how she set up, etc.
It boggles my mind to try to figure out where this logic came from- I don’t work out the sub plans and email them at ridiculous hours of the night for my health- in fact, if I wanted the sub to just make something up and pretend they knew what they were doing, I wouldn’t have emailed any sub plans at all. When we are doing something messy, or very important grade-wise, I like to keep those things for when I return, to help insure that my students have been reminded of the grading criteria and are well informed before I have to give them a final grade. Now I have to grade work according to my own criteria, even though I have no idea what the sub told my students, and the only way around this is to print for a third day, so that I can review what is happening in my classroom.

These are all reasons why many teachers refuse to take a sick day unless they are personally dying of the plague. Part of me feels like this must be my fault somehow, but I know it can’t be, as the subs note was written on a blank piece of paper and left on my desk WITH THE SUB PLANS!

End Rant.

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