Art Room Monday Afternoon

Today was our first day back to school. I taught only two classes, because we have half days on Monday, which leaves a great big chunk of planning time for me every Monday afternoon. I usually use this time to do research for new lesson ideas, or to update current/old lessons to get ready for the coming weeks. I did a little of that today, but mostly I worked on lists of things to remember in my journal, as well as trudging through info online to get my blog up and running better than it has so far. I had a list of things I wanted to include, which I am slowly but surely adding and updating a little at a time, but first I had to figure out all the how-to. I did a little cleaning in the artroom, mostly just straightened up from the day, and I enjoyed sitting at my desk in the quiet, overseeing my domain so-to-speak. I saw a few things I should really have been working on- things that might have been considered more worthy of my school day work time, but I chose to work on sorting through my leftover winter break mind and putting my teaching brain back into order for the coming week. I felt like as I sifted through all the little personal art related things I wanted to get done, I finally had the chance to unwind from the past couple days of caring for my sick family at home, and get back into work, art and business-minded mode.

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