2nd Grade-People at Work Part 2

My second graders finished their community worker collages last week. A few of these are the completed version of the backgrounds In my last post, but I’ve included a few extras because I love them so much. 

Second graders are really starting to understand the concept of overlapping now that they have built their artwork in two separate layers. I was proud to see how many students used overlapping in the backgrounds of their collages before we even added the figure. 

Art Teacher


PE Teacher

Crossing Guard

Music Teacher


Soccer Coach

Postal Service Worker



Mrs. Brooks-art teacher!

2nd Grade People at Work-Collage Background

My second graders have been working on a collage that shows a community helper and where they work in our community. Last week we sketched, and today we created the background of our collages, which shows the place our selected community helper could be found. Can you guess which community helpers we will be making next week, based on their backgrounds?

art teacher, mailman, pizza delivery person, librarian, office administrator, landscaper, librarian.

3rd Grade Portraits of Our Friends

I have been out for doctors appointments and professional development meetings, so I’ve had a sub in the art room multiple times this week. My  third graders were so successful drawing portraits while partnered up with their classmates that I decided to continue the lesson with my other third grade class today. I called this a “Show What You Know” moment-students had to show why they know about facial proportions and crayon craftsmanship without any intervention from me. Each student worked with their face partner at their table, looking carefully and paying close attention to the details that made their friend unique. The next time I have a sub, they will work to complete a background for their portrait that tells more about their friend. Love this lesson so much and enjoyed watching my students work so carefully to do their best portrait drawing.

Art Teacher Field Trip: Robert Irwin’s All the Rules Will Change at the Hirschhorn Museum

What do art teachers do on the weekends? Take their kids to art museums of course! Actually, considering our close proximity to the nation’s capital and a plethora of museums and galleries, I don’t think I do this nearly enough. These photos are from September 4th, our final summer art adventure before school started. We went to the Hirschhorn to see Robert Irwin: All the Rules Will Change before it closed. It was fun talking about art and what makes something a painting with my ex-art teacher best friend, her mom, and my son. My favorite was the giant scrim that created a false wall/optical illusion in the iconic circular building. We also enjoyed speculating about the number of markers it took to complete Linn Meyers Our View From Here. My son’s favorite piece was “Still Life with Spirit and Xitle” by Jimmie Durham which was located outside, before we even entered the museum.